Glass Shower Door Replacement

Showers and Baths: Beauty, Style and Design

Your bathroom can become a functional and beautiful part your home. It can even boost your home’s resale value. You can still reflect your unique style and taste while retaining your bathroom’s functionality. Shower doors can add elegance, privacy and function to your residential home. Glass reflects light, making even small spaces feel larger and brighter. We commonly get inquiries for shower door damage because of its high daily use. If you are in need of a glass shower door replacement, we are ready to help.


Is a framed shower right for you? As you consider the design and size of your shower or bath, here are some important considerations:

  • A framed enclosure is structurally stronger than a frameless unit.
  • It allows for the use of a lighter ¼” glass.
  • It can be less expensive, allowing your budget to stretch further.
  • A framed unit may be more water-tight. This can reduce excess moisture, the potential for mold, and slipping due to pooling water.
  • Frames are available in standard sizes for easy installation.
  • Common color choices include chrome, brushed-nickel, and gold finishes.
  • You can choose another color for a custom look.


Love the feel of an open space? Desire a more contemporary look? Want a seamless look, free of lines from enclosures? See if a frame-less tub or shower is right for you.

  • You can eliminate the majority of the metal framework around the glass.
  • You’ll love our vast selection of design options.
  • Create your own unique style with ¼”, 3/8” or ½” glass.
  • Choose from luxury glass options: clear, etched, patterned, or obscure.
  • Get a custom look by choosing your preferred shape and color.