Low-E Glass Services in Tucson

Think Less Energy Consumption. Think Savings.

Wish the overall temperature in your home would stay more consistent? Want to put an end to hearing the air conditioning or heat kick-on frequently? In southern Arizona, the climate makes Low-E glass an effective choice.

  • It is designed to reflect heat back to its source.
  • In the summer more heat stays outside.
  • In the winter, more heat stays inside.
  • Greater energy efficiency.
  • Experience lower energy costs.
    You can choose between having a hard or soft coat Low-E to put on insulating or dual pane glass.
  • Hard coat refers to how difficult it would be to remove or scratch the layer of tin that was added to the glass. Since the tin was added when the glass was in a slightly molten state, it is considered difficult or “hard” to remove. Hard coat Low-E glass can have a blue tint.
  • Soft coat Low-E glass involves the application of silver, zinc or tin to glass in a vacuum. The coating is delicate or “soft”.

If your main goal is to reflect as much heat as possible back to its source, the soft coat is your choice. Soft coat Low-E glass typically has a higher R value.
When you are evaluating R values, keep in mind R values simply measure resistance to heat loss. You want higher R values when you are looking for better insulating qualities from your glass.

Higher R Values = Better Insulating Qualities = Efficiency = Cost Savings

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